About the Author

Cheryl Wowk has had a 45 year career as a School Counsellor and Teacher. She is the author of Super Miraculous Me! and the creator of  “EQ Evolution”, a curriculum designed to help students grow their Emotional Intelligence.  Together, the purpose of the children’s book and curriculum is to teach children how to create healthy relationships with themselves (Self Smarts) and others (People Smarts).   EQ Evolution Inc. offers a full curriculum, complete with behavioural consulting services, throughout Western Canada.

EQ Evolution

Read at Home

This book is designed for adults to teach kids about self-esteem, purpose, self-regulation, accountability, responsibility, growth mindset and self-control.  It helps kids realize that they are superheroes with a very important Super Power….LOVE!   The purpose of this book is to build resiliency by teaching kids how to grow their Emotional Intelligence by creating healthy relationships with themselves (Self Smart) and others (People Smart). They learn they are precious, unique, one of a kind MIRACLES born to Greatness!  Be a “YIPPEE!” NOT a “YUCKIE!”

Use in your Classroom

Super Miraculous Me! uses interactive, bodily-kinesthetic techniques to reinforce the learning and make it fun.  Each theme is presented in a way that is easy for children to understand, by using words and phrases they can relate to.  The book teaches resiliency in a hands on experiential way.  Kids learn about decision making and social responsibility in a manner that makes sense to them.  It explains how good it feels inside and makes things better to make positive healthy choices as YIPPEES, instead of being YUCKIES making things worse with poor choices.  The kids learn to regulate their emotions and stay in control by using their transformer buttons.  Along with the book itself, the author offers training, workshops and behavioural consulting for teachers and students.  Email Cheryl today for more information at:  cwowk.eqevolution@gmail.com

Cheryl stands out as leader and champion of empowerment for the most vulnerable and at risk youth and children. Her work in the area of Emotional Intelligence is highly relevant and impactful for all those navigating parenting and working in the world of education. 

Vicki Kidd Learning Assistance Teacher Glendale Science and Technology School Red Deer AB

Cheryl’s passion for kids and improving their Emotional Intelligence radiates from her. Her ability to use language regarding EQ that kids understand; then, have the kids put that knowledge into action is inspiring.  

Vanessa Yamazaki Teacher, Glendale Sciences and Technology School Red Deer, AB

I have seen first-hand the magic she can weave in helping parents and children become empowered to take back control of their lives. Her common-sense, hands-on approach offers guidance and mentorship to people struggling with self-regulation issues, and brings amazing, life-changing results.

Laurie Boven, B. ED. G. W. Smith School Red Deer, AB