Working with Cheryl was a gift! Our students benefited and our staff learned so much from Cheryl in the short time we were blessed to have her as our school counsellor. I'm better able to support my students because of what I learned from Cheryl and I wished we could have kept her longer. I couldn't be happier to hear that she's continuing to share her EQ experience and wisdom through her new book! 


Katie Bruinsma

Glendale Sciences and Technology School


I have had the pleasure of knowing, collaborating and brainstorming with this passionate lady over the past 15years of my career. She has always put students and their families forefront in everything she has done as a teacher and counselor. Being from a background of years in the mental health field, it is so encouraging for me to see educators like Cheryl Wowk prioritizing the mental health of their students.  

Your colleague and friend

Velma Karpa RPN 

Former Clinical Coordinator of 

Red Deer Public School District 

Community Wellness Program. 

-- Cheryl is the softest, sweetest person I know, and she cares about humans of all ages. Applying her personality, skills and knowledge to children's books is a gift to literature! 


Kristy Martin

Grade 4/5 Teacher


Cheryl Wowk has been a part of my family's life, both personally and professionally for many years. My husband and I had the pleasure of being her student 30+ years ago, and are fortunate to now share the experience of growing our own children in the light of her love and knowledge. Cheryl is a highly educated, passionate, giving woman, who has dedicated her life's work to making an impact on those around her. She continues to expand her knowledge and experiences to serve her community and family in a way that is truly unique. Her actions to create a safe, healthy environment for kids to flourish, speak even louder than the eloquent and intelligent words she puts to paper. Learning from her leadership and guidance is a true gift. A woman of grace and excellence, with a genuine mission to make the world a better place for our future generations.

- Christine Slaymaker

I have known Cheryl for many years and worked with her in many capacities in education. She has worked with and has an infinite amount of love for children of all ages. Cheryl never gives up on anyone and continues to work tirelessly to make sure all children are recognized for their unique gifts and talents. Cheryl is an intelligent and passionate advocate, who we can all learn from. I have no doubt that Cheryl will add the writing and publication of this book to her long list of accomplishments. Congratulations Cheryl!


Della Rustin

Associate Superintendent

Red Deer Public School District

Throughout the ten years or so I've known Cheryl, her ability to understand, support, encourage and gently push young people has always been evident.  Early on as a new teacher at Lindsay Thurber, I witnessed first hand how she could get down to the specifics of a situation with a student, make a plan and hold that student accountable all while maintaining that student's dignity.  I learned a lot about how to handle teens from Cheryl. 

In my personal life, she has always been an inspiration as she encourages people to look after themselves but also to reach out and creatively solve family issues.  She's full of great ideas and fun too!  Cheryl's warmth and positivity energize others to continually strive to be their best selves.

Lori Silverton B.A. M.A. B.Ed.

Cheryl Wowk is a master in understanding emotions and conflict. I have seen first-hand the magic she can weave in helping parents and children become empowered to take back control of their lives. Her common-sense, hands-on approach offers guidance and mentorship to people struggling with self-regulation issues, and brings amazing, life-changing results.

Laurie Boven, B. ED.

G.W. Smith School

Red Deer AB

Cheryl stands out as leader and champion of empowerment for the most vulnerable and at risk youth and children. Her work in the area of Emotional Intelligence is highly relevant and impactful for all navigating parenting and working in the world of education. She changes lives by teaching and modelling powerful tools that bring about awareness, growth, and opportunity. 

Vicki Kidd

Learning Assistance Teacher

Glendale Science and Technology School

Red Deer AB

Cheryl is an amazing person with a wealth of knowledge.  I worked with her for one year where I taught middle school and she counselled many of my students.  She was incredibly kind, encouraging, and caring.  Cheryl always went out of her way to get to know the staff and students, and would advocate for what was best for all.  I would recommend Cheryl to anyone looking for a counsellor and know that her book will be one that is backed by a lot of research, education, knowledge, and a very caring woman.  

Amy Mathison

Glendale Middle School Science and Technology School

Red Deer AB

Cheryl is a champion among champions in her work supporting kids (and adults) in their social and emotional well-being. I worked closely with Cheryl for many years witnessing firsthand the love and knowledge she dedicated to others and their wellness. Cheryl is a fierce advocate for kids and a tireless crusader bolstering their mental health, especially the less privileged population whom she has a particular manner and skill in connecting with. This book will be invaluable as a teaching tool for anyone working with kids on improving their emotional intelligence.--

Thank you,

Sean Grainger 

Teacher, Vice-Principal

Cheryl Wowk is a highly gifted and talented individual who is a passionate, knowledgeable, intuitive and experienced educator. She has the unique ability to work with children and youth of all ages, their families and their support systems. Cheryl is a strong advocate and believes that all children and youth deserve a high quality educational program with the social- emotional supports and services needed to help students and families thrive and live their best lives. She has shown this over the years through her own development of programs, tools and resources for students and their families to help them navigate life. She is a champion for mental wellness and resilience development. Cheryl is generous and giving and has positively influenced the lives of thousands of students and their families over her career. It has been a definite privilege to work with and learn alongside Cheryl.

Jodi Goodrick

(Retired) Associate Superintendent, Inclusive Education

I have known Cheryl professionally for over 30 years.  Cheryl is a passionate educator and has demonstrated time and again her commitment to students with thoughtful and well planned supports that assist students with addressing the multitude of challenges they face.  Cheryl is a champion for marginalized students.  She has incredible compassion for children and youth who face adversity.

Cheryl has created a number of classroom and system wide programs that provide students with the tools they require to build resiliency.  Cheryl understands that every student requires supports to address life’s adversities.  The programs and supports she has developed range from broad reaching programs to support for the individual.

Cheryl is a thoughtful and insightful educator and counsellor. She is highly regarded as a professional who is frequently consulted for advice and counsel to develop meaningful supports for students.

Piet Langstraat

(Retired) Superintendent of Schools

Cheryl Wowk is a cherished teacher, counselor, and friend. In her work with children and youth, Cheryl leads with her heart and advocates ferociously with her voice and problem solving attitude. She has empowered her students with an understanding of hope and the ability to realise life goals. Her dedication to the welfare of the children whose lives she has touched is an example for all educators and child advocates. Cheryl has spent her professional career changing the lives of children and youth through perseverance and dedication. 

Dr. R. Coranne Johnson, R. Psych. 

"I had the pleasure of working in a school with Mrs. Wowk, while it was only for one year, she left an impression on me that will last a lifetime. Cheryl puts her whole heart into everything that she does. The way she cares for and works with kids is an inspiration to teachers everywhere and something I will never forget. Cheryl has this super power to make everyone she meets feel loved and important just for being themselves, and she inspires everyone to do the same to the people they meet. 


I cannot wait to get a copy of her book to use as a resource in my classroom!"

Kristi Cook

Kindergarten Teacher

Glendale Sciences and Technology School

Red Deer, AB

Cheryl's passion for people of all ages is remarkable. Cheryl brings out the best in everyone. I have known Cheryl as a teacher and as a friend for 30 years.  Watching Cheryl work her magic with children is truly a delight and a learning experience. Cheryl understands kids and is able to make such amazing connections with them.  Cheryl made me not only a better teacher, but also a better mother in so many ways.  Cheryl is the real deal...  a big heart, always ready to listen and to help students, colleagues, family and friends deal with all that life brings our way.  Thank you Cheryl for making a difference in my life.


Sheila Engert

Retired Vice Principal

Red Deer AB

Over the course of her career as a teacher Cheryl has demonstrated commitment, caring and compassion to ensure every student, and especially those least advantaged, have had the best chance for success. She has made a positive difference in the lives of the students she has worked with. 

Cheryl - Not sure how you would like to share my background. Feel free to use any of the below or call me if you have a suggestion. 

Barry Litun

Retired teacher, principal & superintendent

Barry Litun

Former Deputy Superintendent, Red Deer Public Schools


Cheryl is a remarkable teacher, counsellor and woman!  Her passion for kids and improving their Emotional Intelligence radiates from her.  I have had the honor of working with Cheryl, so have witnessed her devotion first hand.  Her ability to use language regarding EQ that kids understand; then, have the kids put that knowledge into action is inspiring.  Cheryl leaves a lifelong heart imprint on the many people, who are fortunate enough to spend time with this beautiful human being.


Vanessa Yamazaki

Teacher, Glendale Sciences and Technology School

Red Deer, AB

In my position as an elementary school teacher, I have come to know Cheryl Wowk as a colleague and a friend. Cheryl is passionate about helping children to grow their Emotional intelligence. She has consulted in my classroom making an incredibly positive and long lasting impact on my students and myself. She provided me with strategies and resources that I continue to use today to help children struggling with their circumstances and challenges. Cheryl has integrity and commitment and a positivity which brightens every room and warms one's heart. I cannot wait to read Super Miraculous Me!. It is sure to be a favorite in my library.

Janice Pisko Hart,

Teacher, Red Deer Public School District

Cheryl Wowk has been in my life both personally and professionally for over 30 years.  As a long-time colleague and very close friend of Cheryl's, I cannot say enough to fully express the incredible, passionate, loving person she is.  As a very young teacher just starting out, I had the privilege of working with Cheryl at a school where many students came from extremely emotionally and financially needy families.  Through the years she became more a school counsellor than a classroom teacher and soon was widely known throughout the district and province for her knowledge and unique ways of dealing with children, youths and young adults in the endless areas of counselling:  self-esteem, abuse, mental disorders, to name a few. Cheryl is instrumental in helping each student she counsels, and under the most difficult of circumstances, is able to build and maintain strong connections with students, their parents and staff alike.  She has such a keen, compassionate, gentle way of leading students through a process of understanding themselves and their circumstances, planning and problem solving, and being accountable for improving their unique situations, leaving everyone she touches with a better version of themselves.  I have always been awed.  Having also been fortunate to experience her guidance and wisdom throughout the years in my personal life, I am continually amazed at her infinite compassion and sagacity.  Most individuals begin to wind down as the years pass by and retirement nears; Cheryl, on the contrary, has continued to improve and hone her skills and wisdom, which has finally culminated in this prodigious endeavour -- her fabulous new book that I cannot wait to read!   

 -  P.J. Crawford-Ritz  B. Ed.


I just don't even know where to begin!  

Cheryl was one of my first mentor's when I entered my teaching career, and someone who has influenced who I am as a teacher to this day. So many words can be used to describe who this lady is; genuine, loving, honest, kind, creative, optimistic, understanding, vivacious, but most importantly, PASSIONATE. Cheryl believes wholeheartedly that every child, no matter their background or circumstance, has potential and deserves the absolute best. Cheryl truly is a gift to the world in every way. 

Allison Klavano

Teacher, Normandeau School, RDPSD


My name is Dawn Lundquist. I am writing this testimonial about a woman whom I have admired for more than 10 years. Her name is Cheryl Wowk, and she was a teacher/counsellor with Red Deer Public Schools. I first met Cheryl when I was a troubled adolescent and she helped guide me through some significant challenges I was dealing with. Cheryl has always been, undoubtedly, the most caring, compassionate and understanding woman I’ve ever met. She never judged me for my situation, or what I was going through. She encouraged me to use my voice, and to make smart and healthy choices. She was my advocate, my mentor and someone who never gave up on me. Cheryl has always had a passion for children, endlessly encouraging them to reach their full potential. Her positive outlook, her energy, her smile and her laughter have always been infectious. Cheryl is a genuine person with the sincere desire to help others and to see them succeed. I am grateful to have met Cheryl and very glad to have stayed in touch with her . Any chance I get to connect with her always leaves me feeling ten times better. Thank you for the opportunity to share these words.


Warm regards,

Dawn Lundquist